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We specialize in providing the very best in kitchen countertops, islands, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities, as well as fireplaces, tables, offices, desks, barbecues, bar tops, stairs…virtually anything that requires stone products. We work with all of the top brand name suppliers to provide you with your preferred selection.

Reach out with any questions you may have for your project. We will be happy to provide you with our expert knowledge from design plans to stone selection, including free cost estimates, as well as how to properly care for your impressive work of art.

Design & Fabrication

We understand how much time and energy is put into a well-designed kitchen or bathroom. That’s why we make sure that everything is perfect when we plan, cut and install the focal point of the room: your stone. Every detail counts. Every angle, every curve and every crevice. Your home is of utmost importance; we will provide you with the dedicated attention and care your stone requires so you may take pride in it. We carry all of the top brand names in stone suppliers in our showroom and can help you choose the one that matches your décor and is most to your liking.


Our trained technicians measure your desired counter space to the millimetre, creating a template to use when cutting the material to ensure your stone fits perfectly, even if your walls are not straight. They then carefully position the template of your countertop on stone slab to determine the best layout of the stone for your project before precisely cutting the material to your exact specifications using laser technology, ensuring you get the most beauty from the slab with distinct detail. Your new stone surface will add beauty and value to your home; you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.


Protect Your Investment

We apply a sealant to all granite countertops we install. It is to protect it from spills, keeping your stone stain-free. Your granite countertop could withstand virtually anything, it is that strong. However, that does not mean the stone is not impervious to various elements. For example, never leave a pineapple sitting on the counter overnight. The acid from the pineapple may eat through the sealant, leaving your counter susceptible to stains from spillage in the future. As such, we advise you to re-apply every two years or so. We provide a bottle at time of installation. We also sell it. Quartz countertops do not require any sealant.

As well, we carry a cleaner for basic maintenance of your countertop. It is a soft, non-adhesive solvent to keep the lustre and display the beauty of the stone. This can be applied on all surfaces. We also provide a bottle at time of installation. Of course, we suggest using mild, non-abrasive dish soap for everyday cleaning.

Delivery & Installation

Speed! Speed! Speed!

We pride ourselves on our incredible turn around times. We are proud to provide installation services within 2 weeks from the measurement date, and often within 10 days. Our expert staff will transport your countertops with extreme care to protect your stone securely from our production facility to your location. We service the entire city of Montreal and its’ surrounding area, including traveling several hours away in every direction, from municipalities in the Ottawa area all the way though southern Quebec. Not sure if we will come all the way to you?

Give us a shout to find out. In addition to our quality service, designers love the fact that our turnaround is so fast. Knowing full well that our timelines are respected, they receive accolades from customers for our beautifully completed work, and they get to schedule more jobs, more accurately.